Look at That: Gotëborg


Thoughts from Places: Göteborg and Kobenhaven

***I started this in October right when I got back from my trip but then schoolwork had to take priority and then before I knew it, it was Christmas break, which meant spending time with family and friends, and then second semester hit the ground running and now I’ve found a small window to catch up on blogging***

The week is reading week, and it came just in time.  While I have 3 papers due next week, including my research proposal for my dissertation (NBD, eep), I took the weekend off to do a bit of traveling.  I went with two other girls in my program and we had a great weekend.

It all started when we woke up before the sun to head to the airport Friday morning.  We arrived at the airport an hour or so early and hung out, grab some coffee and tried to stay awake.  The plane ride was short, sweet, and pretty uneventful.  We landed in Göteborg and proceeded to find the bus to the center of town.  The airport was rather small so it wasn’t all that difficult.  Thanks to the stellar directions provided by google maps we took our luggage on a lovely walking tour of the city while trying to find our hotel.  Once we were settled we got our city cards and found some food (Hard Rock Café).  That evening we went to the Universeum and my inner twelve year old had loads of fun climbing things and pushing buttons and playing with the interactive stuff.  I also got a small toy dinosaur and have begun taking pictures of him doing things.

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Top 5: Highs/Lows

I’ve been in a bit of a funk this week.  I think it’s the mid-semester slump.  One more week until break!  I don’t know if I’ve necessarily been stressed, I’ve had an assignment due every week for the past couple weeks and I have one due this week and a couple due after break; and it’s not that I have no ideas for my coming papers, I just don’t want to write them.  It’s more that I’m nervous because this is the first time my professors are grading my work and there is pressure to do well, making a good first impression and all that.  I think I need some perspective on my life because I’ve been focusing too much on the few negative/disappointing things from this past week, and I’m procrastinating.

In no particular order, I present my weekly update in the form of highs and lows:

High: Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour (so much awesome!)

Low: My iPod is missing (read probably stolen and will never be seen again)

High: I have a topic for my MA dissertation

Low: I’ve been really clumsy this week (haven’t broken anything though)

High: On Friday, I leave for Sweden!

Low: My milk turned (discovered when I tried to make tea and chucks floated to the top)

High: I’m going to see Billy Elliot on Wednesday

Low: I’ve had serious troubles cooking this week (I’m Italian, making pasta is in my DNA, and yet)

High: I live in LONDON!

Low: The weather has been beautiful and I’ve been in the library/my room attempting to work, rather unsuccessfully.

Weeks 2-4

Hello, hello!

While this past week was a bit boring, I’ve been having lots of London Adventures.  As I mentioned last time I took an epic walking tour of London.  Now, a smart person about to embark on a 6 hour walking tour of London would start right at the beginning and wear shoes that were already broken in and not bring along a heavy messenger bag.  I, however, am not smart.  It was a beautiful day, so I thought why not hit up the Olympic Shop before it closed in Hyde Park and then check out Buckingham Palace.  After that lovely adventure I took the tube to the beginning of my journey.  The actual walking tour took me about 5 1/2 hour, including a stop for lunch and a hunt for water.  With my added adventure I was walking for 8 hours, in shoes that are now fully broken in, good times.  So yeah, walking tour was a lot of fun.  Not only did it take you to fun Harry Potter film locations, but you get to see pretty much all the major London landmarks as well.  Also, super cool, on one of the bridges that was in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban they were filming for The Fast and the Furious 6.  There are pictures coming soon.

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