Operation Suburban Housewife

I have decided that my summer is called Operation Suburban Housewife.  I have been cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, chauffeuring, and you know, being a suburban housewife.  I’ve mastered the technique of carrying two small mammals, one in each arm; my ovaries kick and scream at me whenever I see and talk about babies (they’re kind of out of control).  Also, much to my chagrin I can talk about all the latest tween gossip and I know more than I ever hoped to about children’s television programming.

I’ve been holding onto this post for awhile in hopes that I would have some profound thoughts and insights into my life and discover a brilliant way to articulate said insights, but alas.  What I have learned is that while I love my town and the suburbs in the quaint this is where I’ve grown up and in many years from now if I ever have a family of my own I could see us living in a town like this sort of way, I think I need some serious time away from the suburbs, and a new imagination.

I should start this ramble into my imagination by mentioning that I rarely remember my dreams, those I do remember generally resemble my daily life.  Those few times I occasionally have daring adventures come after days where I have been exposed to large amounts of chemicals (more specifically after spending three days in the college natatorium pool working championships or after using lots of bleach and other like chemicals to clean).  During the school year, when I actually sleep, I dream have nightmares about sending emails, attending meetings, sending emails, being late for classes or meetings, doing homework, and sending emails.  This summer, I have had riveting dreams about cooking, cleaning, and organizing.  There was one night where I actually dreamed I was assigned the most vital task of maintaining the ratio of dirty to clean towels and was very proud to have been assigned such an important duty, I promptly woke myself up because I refused to dream about towels, but I think you get my point about needing a better imagination.

For the sake of my dreams and in hopes of no longer watching the wonders that comprise children’s television programming I am rather excited to start my adventure in the city in just over a week.


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