I’m off to a great start

with the whole posting everyday thing…day 3 and I’ve already missed a day.  I woke up and had every intention of writing a post, I even started one, see:

“So in between not going to London and finally getting a job, albeit a seasonal job, I didn’t just sit on the couch and watch TV, ok so I did sit on the couch and watch a lot of TV but that’s not all I did.”

Then I don’t really know what happened but yesterday was just an unproductive day, and I only had one thing on my to do list.  Most of the day was lost to the neitherlands that is the internet.  I did go to the gym and take a shower, oh and I unloaded the dishwasher.  There it wasn’t a completely unproductive day, right?

Today has been more productive than that:

  • I finally moved inside the last of my college things that were previously living on the front porch,
  • I washed a rug and a set of sheets,
  • I ran the dish washer and reloaded it,
  • I went to the library, more on that in a soon to come post,
  • I finally made it to the post office to send postcards,
  • I drove my brother to buy Modern Warfare 3,
  • and I wrote this post.
So much accomplishment! Well, compared to yesterday anyways.  And for some strange reason I feel the need to mention that our power went out for a short time this evening.  I suppose that since we kept our electricity through the snowstorm it was about time we were in the dark.

What do you think?

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