The In Between

So in between not going to London and finally getting a job, albeit a seasonal job, I didn’t just sit on the couch and watch TV, ok so I did sit on the couch and watch a lot of TV but that’s not all I did.

My adventures as a suburban housewife continued.  There has been a bunch of babysitting for an adorable gaggle of children.  Along with the usual games of make believe and trips to the park there have been some pretty awesome moments with the young’uns.  There is one couple that loves Harry Potter, we spent the night talking about our favorite parts and what makes the series a global phenomenon.  Another couple has tremendous amounts of energy, they actually bounce off the walls, and they love Scooby Doo, I had forgotten how punny that show is.  Another little one loves superheroes and monsters; I’ve seen the beginning of The Incredibles and Cars more times than I can count.

With the fun times there are also the frustrating moments.  Particularly bed time.  Anyone who has ever babysat I suspect can empathize with the struggle that can be bed time.  I have found that the trouble usually begins with the small mammals trying to avoid brushing their teeth.  Then comes the stalling before lights out, I’ve seen everything from asking for more stories to trying to have a dance party to hide and seek and one little lady who kept running out of her room  and then after seeing that I was annoyed by her behavior apologized because she only wanted to have a staring contest.

In continuing with my housewife training, I joined a gala planning committee.  I’m interested in event planning, so getting involved was an awesome experience.  Along with raffling off my babysitting services, my big task was the ice-breaker game.  I now have a head filled with fun facts about saints.  Problem: it’s tough coming up with “fun facts” about a lot of the female saints because they were so young when they were martyred…being 12 and a virgin when you die is not exactly a fun thing to read about before drinks, dinner, and dancing.  I dug deeper and came out with a list of 40 Patron Saints.  Everything with the rest of the event came together well.  We ended up with a great night.  I had two of my friends from school come with me and while we were the youngest people there we enjoyed ourselves tremendously, the food was good, the band was fun and I know the family that won my evening of babysitting.  Great Success!

The housewifing doesn’t end with the tykes and the gala planning.  As perviously mentioned there have been dishes and laundry, but most exciting is the cooking.  A few weeks ago I was left alone in the kitchen after having coffee, which as anyone who knows me can attest leads to a very hyper me, and when everyone got home there was a cake, cookies, apple crisp and a pie.  I have also experimented with dinner type foods like soup and various types of pasta dishes.  I think they come out pretty well but they don’t seem to be a hit with the other people in my family.  According to my sister the problem is that I put vegetables in the dishes.  She thinks my desserts are always good.  I guess you can’t please everyone.

Apart from perfecting my housewife skills, I’ve had lots of time to read and think…more on that later.  I hang out with friends.  I  went back to see my school friends and as per usual had some once in a life time experiences.  I get to spend a fair bit of time exploring the city, going to museums, making friends on the Common, and learning how to drive in and out without using a GPS/getting lost.  Fall in New England is fabulous, and even mother nature got in on the halloween fun and came dressed as winter.  The snow is gone now thanks to a string of 70 degree days which have been perfect for walking through the Town Forest and enjoying the turning leaves.  Gotta love the weather.  Snow did not cancel Halloween in our town. A lot fewer people were out than usual and more older kids.  I was just happy that there were people out and only one little girl admitted to not know who I was (Waldo).  There have also been a few last minute adventures.  I got to see a fabulous one man play about Robert Frost, I had kind of forgotten about how much I like his poetry until the play, and a rather amusing musical about a certain blonde lawyer who took Harvard by storm.  There was also a very last minute benefit concert that turned out to be a rather enjoyable evening with an added bonus of free CDs.  Birthdays too, a combined costume party for the little cousins was a lot of fun, and a lovely dinner at a fabulous Japanese restaurant for a high school friend.

Awkward transition, ready go.  I do have a couple ideas for other posts, but actually a couple as in two.  I have two other ideas for posts thus far and there is still a lot of month left.  So, if there are things you would like me to talk about, any questions you would like answered,  challenges you would like me to complete, experiences I should reflect upon, etc. any and all ideas would be appreciated because if  I don’t get suggestions I’m gonna start posting about two things that I think a lot about, politics and economics.  While I have no problem writing/ranting about these two topics, and I will most likely talk about them at least once, they are occasionally (often) not the most interesting, especially if you don’t like either subject, which I know is a fair number of you readers.

Right, so I  think that’s enough updating on my life, mostly because I can’t really think of anything else exciting to mention.  And seriously, give me you topic suggestions so I don’t end up with twenty posts about economics.

What do you think?

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