Mahna Mahna

Gilmore Girls is/was a great show, not sure what the proper tense should be as it is no longer making new episodes but is still on television…any english majors out there want to help me out?  I only mention this because I am watching Gilmore Girls.

Technically I posted after midnight so I’ve already posted today, ed. technically yesterday now, however I feel like not posting today would be a bit like cheating since I started the last post well before midnight.  It was really tempting to say forget it and just go to bed.  I spent most of today working.  It was a busy day.  There was the pre-holiday season visit so all the other employees were a kind of stressed out.  Since today is Veteran’s Day and all the kiddies were out of school, the store was packed.  I spent most of today up front at the register and the rest of the 7 hours re-shelfing items and helping people find all sort of things.  Time went pretty quickly but as soon as I got home and sat down I really didn’t real like doing much of anything.  So, I eat some pizza, had some tea and my mom baked cookies.  After the eating, while sitting on the couch with my computer open trying to come up with something to write today, my mom attempted to give me ideas however she was less than helpful, though I must admit that I’ve already talked to the things she wanted me to (work and cookies).

After desperately racking my brain for a topic that is not explaining supply and demand curves and why the world would be a better place if everyone had at least a basic understanding of economics, which is coming soon, I had an overwhelming urge to mention that I am thinking about finding a rugby team to play with in the spring.  The other day I was assigned to go rake leaves.  I couldn’t find the bags to put the leaves in but the weather was far too nice to go back inside. After a frantic search for an air pump I was able to toss a ball around for a bit.  I practiced throwing in for line outs for a good half-hour.  That’s about all I could really do as it’s tough to practice passing without someone to catch the ball and no reasonable targets in sight.  I also couldn’t really work on kicking either.  My placement isn’t that great so I was nervous about hitting the neighbors’ houses or ours.  Anyways it was really nice to have a ball in my hands again and I miss playing.  Having a break was nice, but it’s time to get back on the pitch.

Happy Weekend!

And now it’s midnight so does this count as a post for the 12th?  I really should start writing earlier so I can get to bed at a decent hour.  I have to be back at work so soon.

What do you think?

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