1) I need to remember to have decaf. tea at night.  I tried to go bed after posting last night but I was wired; it made getting up this morning rather difficult.

2) I love flamboyant muscle men.

3) Is it bad to be annoyed that work has seriously decreased the free time I have to read?

4) I mentioned in an earlier post how my dreams tend to be reflective of my life.  Last night I dreamt that I was running late for work and it took hours to get there, heavy traffic and it was so hot that the road and tires were melting.  When I finally arrived the time clock, where we punch in and out, was super complicated and I couldn’t figure out all the buttons and everyone around the back room was judging me.  Then I got fired because I wore a bandana to hold my hair back however bandanas were against the dress code because they are gang paraphernalia.

5) I need to clean my room, a project for Monday perhaps.

6) I am strangely proud of myself to be posting this before midnight.

Drive safe, wear a seat, and all that jazz


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