I’ve touched all the things

I worked closing for the first time, which means I got to meet some new people. Apparently I am full of surprises today. Yay a list!

  • After telling me her name, the second thing my co-worker said to me was “Hey, do you speak french?”  The group got really excited when I said yes.
  • Upon confirming that I do speak french, the next question I was asked was “So where are you from?” which was logic as the other two french speakers in the group are from Africa.  There was a whole lot of giggling and bewilderment when I told them that I am American.  Then there was an explanation as to why an American can speak french.
  • There was shock and awe that I know things about African and Haitian culture.
  • There was also shock and awe that I went to college and do not have any children.
  • Someone was surprised that I drove to work.
  • Last in the list of surprises, people thought that the person training me and I were sister in spite of the fact that we have the same first name.
Also, I think I can now confidently say that I have touched all the things on the outside edge of the store.  Today I spent the length of my shift (8.5 hours) moving products to the front of their shelf and making sure the labels face front.  Goodness there are a lot of things.  So many things!

What do you think?

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