Wacky Wednesday: just a bit off

I wish I could chalk up today’s events to a full moon.  Maybe I just started today off on the wrong foot, who knows, things just felt a bit off all day.

At work there were so many temper tantrums.  More than I can count.  Small children are really loud.  And the talking toys.  There are so many of them.  Every time I passed one of those infernal things and the lights go off and it sings or plays music, I get a little crazier.  A lot of toys make noise when you pick them up.  I feel ridiculous walking down the aisle holding a toy that is singing the entire time.  Then you have to put it on the shelf with the other toys that then make the same sound.  It’s madness.  I wish these things did not include batteries.

After work there was the watching of the small mammals.  We played Hedbanz, a game where you wear a plastic head band and stick a card to your forehead and then ask yes or no questions trying to guess what’s on your head, silly but cute and good for all ages.  Then we flew around like superman and brushed teeth and colored.  Lots of fun, after a day of work it took mountains of energy and some tea.

This evening concluded by trespassing on my marvelous friend and using her scanner for my very important scanning needs.  So much scanning.  Before there was the scanning there was loads of printing, and a very last minute trip to Staples for ink, Thanks Mom!  My friend was a gracious host and played secretary as I sorted through and signed a crazy pile of papers.  Love you!  She was also ridiculously patient, especially when we realized that after scanning the  crazy pile of papers we saved them into the wrong format.  Fortunately I emailed the files to myself and was able to download/save them onto my computer in the proper format so all was not in vain.

Overall, it was a good day, but things were just a bit off.  Now it’s almost two thirty in the morning and after being exhausted all day, I feel wide awake.

What do you think?

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