Theater Thursday: mini-Matt Smith

Hooray, I remembered what I wanted to talk about yesterday, though it’s less exciting than I thought it would be so now I have to come up with something new to talk about.

Before I forget something, I want to mention I saw the 11th grade version of Matt Smith.  Dead ringer for the Doctor was up on stage singing and dancing with a bow tie.  So great.

Back to what I was planning to write about.  I started thinking about plans for my birthday yesterday since my birthday is now less than a week away.  I’m thinking about just going out for dinner/drinks, nothing quite as special as the murder I hosted last year but it should be a good time.  I’ve also had to make a birthday wish list.  I noticed that there is no big ticket item that I want this year.  I want money so that I can pay back my ridiculous amount of student loans and afford to eat next year, but I’ve been told that putting money on your list is a no go.  Gift cards are fine to ask for, but gift cards don’t pay the bills.  Gosh, that sounds a bit too grown up for my liking.

My mom suggested that I make Thursdays Theater Thursdays.  I don’t think I go to the theater frequently enough, though I also don’t think this needs to actually be a weekly thing. I’ve been to the theater three times in the last month.  I’ve already mentioned the play about Robert Frost, and the musical about a blonde who takes Harvard law by storm.  If I haven’t then I just did.

This evening I went with the lovely lady who own the scanner and has mountains of patience to see the high school’s musical…hence the mini-Matt Smith comment.  It was strange to be back as an alum, to walk the halls again etc.  There were a few teachers at the show I remember, and several family friends.  It’s nice to see people.

The show was cute.  As always the show was well done.  The young actors and actresses did a good job. Maybe it’s the whole returning as an alum thing, but the cast looked young.  Perhaps it’s because they were suppose to be playing New Yorkers in the 20s and being a group of white kids from the suburbs they didn’t quite capture the jazzy flirtatious nature of the show.  The dancing was occasionally awkward, but overall they were great.  The sets looked great, costume were nice etc.  Our high school always puts on a great musical and apparently 1 in 7 students at the high school take part in the drama club in someway or another.

As it’s late, I haven’t been sleeping well, we’ve got a pancake breakfast bright and early then I’m closing, and I’ve started rambling and am feeling like I’m just going to be getting less coherent if I continue I shall stop the nonsense here.

And that’s a wrap.

ed. I only just realized that this episode of Theater Thursday was posted on a Friday, well, technically Saturday as it was posted at 1 AM.  Go me.


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