Fast Facts: Disney’s The Santa Clause

Preface:  I saw my first Christmas movie of the season today.  On Saturdays at a theater near our house they show holiday classics and you get in free if you bring a donation for the food pantry.  We saw The Santa Clause, which I’ve seen countless times.  There was a small child there who had perhaps never seen the movie because she commented loudly during all the big scenes.

Fast Facts for today:

1) The Santa Clause premiered in 1994 and grossed $189,800,000 worldwide.

2) The role of Scott Calvin was written with Bill Murray in mind.

3) Chevy Chase was also considered for the role of SC but had to turn it down because of scheduling conflicts with another film

4) Among the names on “The List”, on the first page Santa looks at are Andre Agassi and Armand Assante

5) On older prints of the film, Tim Allen makes a sarcastic remark in the movie including the line “1-800-spank-me”.  That is until a child tried calling the number only to discover, only to the horror of his parents I’m sure, that it was actually the number to a phone sex line.  The mother’s complaint lead to the scene being taken out of the  future versions of the film.

Gotta love the things you find on  Also I love Neil’s sweaters so much!


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