Weekly Update: November 20-27

This week I remembered that I have friends.  That isn’t to say I forget my friends on a regular basis, more like we became friends IRL, “in real life” for those who are not so up on the “hip” new lingo of today’s youth.

The past few weeks I’ve been focusing on work.  I’m getting a whole lot of hours, pretty much full time, which is super awesome because that means money and I need money to pay off my student loans.  So many student loans.  Working so much means that I’m pretty tired when I get back from work.  I’ve worked 10 of the past 11 days with Thanksgiving being my only day off as the store was closed.  Most people who know me know just how much I truly love interacting with people.  After eight hours of restocking shelves and answering lots of “intelligent” questions, I’m not exactly in the mood to talk to people, even my family.  You can ask them, I pretty much get home and crash on the couch, I whine that I’m hungry and tired and that my feet hurt then I find something to eat and eventually get upstairs to try to think up something to post for the day.

With my birthday being this past week, I started the week off trying to find a good day to gather a group of people to celebrate.  The problems with having a birthday around a holiday is that while your friends are home for the holiday they tend to be 1) home for people may not be near my home 2) if their home is near my home, friends are usually occupied with families preparing for the holiday.  This year with my birthday falling on Thanksgiving, it seemed obvious celebrating on the day wasn’t going to be an option.  We went out Wednesday night to a restaurant in town then back to my house to eat ice cream and watch a movie.  It was a lovely night with fabulous friends.

Post Thanksgiving I got a chance to see some of the friends who had problem number 2.  Friday night there was take out and a movie with Shawn and Gus.  They are quite the pair and I always have a great time with them.  Saturday night I had a delightful evening with Marie Antoinette.  We got chinese food with her mom and friend and had a sincere conversation.  It was a much needed three days of human interaction.

Well, four if you count Thanksgiving day.  Post my birthday, two friends stayed the night.  One went home in the morning and Eleanor Roosevlet joined me for some high school football.  Once upon a time the Thanksgiving game was a big rivalry match.  Now, its pretty much a given who is going to win.  Après le football and the marching band and the super awkward small talk with people I used to be friends with in high school, it was time to head south for the winter, or just a couple hours.  There was family and babies, talking, so much food and a small cake for my birthday.  After  bit we went to the other grandparents and played games and ate more food, watched the Peanuts Thanksgiving movie and Elf and we played a modified version of “Headbandz”.

For those who are not up to date on the latest children’s games, in “Headbandz” you put a card on your forehead and you ask yes or no questions trying to figure out what is on said card.  In our version we wrote random things on post-its.  We then stuck the post-it to our head, we looked good and ridiculous, but it was fun.  My grandfather fell asleep mid-game at the table, as per usual.  My grandmother let me sister do her hair before we left.  It looked marvelous and I have a fabulous picture which I really want to post her, but she said in no uncertain terms that I was allowed to send it to my Aunt and no one else.

Black Friday was busy, I was assigned to a part of the store that see less traffic than others.  As a result, the day was surprisingly low key.  Saturday was busier than Friday, perhaps because I was in a slightly different location and was working with people who were newer than me.  Today was super crazy.  There were lots of “intelligent” questions and people that needed help and there was always something to do as far as restocking.  After work there was pizza and cake with family for my birthday.

While there problems one and two with trying to get friends together for my birthday, it does mean almost a week of celebrating it.  And that was my week.


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