Christmas Countdown

There are 12 days until Christmas!!!  I’m not counting or anything.

I am slowly getting into the Christmas spirit, working so much leaves little time for decorating and listing to Christmas music.  I have been watching holiday movies which makes me very happy (check out my list of top holiday movies).  With today being my day off I am testing out a few baking recipes, while listening to Frank Sinatra as it’s his birthday.  Who doesn’t love Ol’ Blue Eyes and neon colors? Check it out:  

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Gosh I’m terrible at posting.  Alright, so there are actually 3 days until Christmas now and this is my firstish day off since last attempting to post. In the times in between starting this post and now a lot and nothing has happened.  I worked a lot, and by a lot I mean over 64 hours in 7 days.  Yay money‽ I’ve made it into the book of shame twice and my tolerance for “awesome” people with “intelligent” questions is pretty much zero.  You know the clerks from Jingle All the Way, at the part when Arnold is at the first toy store looking for Turbo Man, and they just laugh at him, well I fell like that when people ask me for certain things, like if we have anymore lights or fake christmas trees or particularly popular toys.

Other things that have happened in my life…I went full on housewife complete with the mini-van a couple days, one the day after starting this post and then the day after that.  On the second day I went on a surprise walk to get hot chocolate and cookies with the young’uns and then while one of them had a lesson the other and I went on an adventure to China and Italy and California by taking a bus, an airplane, and a bike.  Good times.

Oooo, fun things!  I got an awesome christmas present from Michelle LaFonda Dawson.  It’s a color changing dinosaur cup!!!!  It changes from blue to purple when you add cold things to it! Ahhhhhh so awesome.!  Can you tell I love it?  Cause i do.  And the cup was just part of an awesome day.  We, M.L.D. and  another friend, watched disney movies and sang along to them and ate cookies and had pizza, and watched Doctor Who.  Could a girl ask for a better afternoon?

Life has been crazy busy and with Christmas so close there is no slowing down.

What do you think?

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