Wacky Wednesday: Happy New Year!

boom, crash, thud, clank, owwwwww.  That would be me falling down the stairs this morning.  I am so not a morning person, which makes starting work at 6AM particularly troublesome.  New Year’s Resolution #1 become a morning person???  mmmmmm, not gonna happen.  Though real New Year’s resolutions #1 is to write more.  I’ve proven that I am terrible at posting regularly or even posting things in a timely manner.  Not everyday like I tried to do in November, I think that was a bit too much, but on my days off I will be posting, or if I’m off having an adventure I shall shortly thereafter recount the tale.  That should bring me to at least once a week.

My 2012 is off to a nice start.  I rang in the new year with my friend Brunhilda.  After work, what else is new, I headed over to her apartment and we had pizza and baklava, and then changed into appropriate going out attire.  As much as I wish red and khaki or sweatpants and a t-shirt could be worn to the club, it is generally frowned upon. So we got ourselves all dressed up and hoped on the train into town.  We found the club and had a good time.  I came in third in a rock, paper, scissor contest and Brunhilda and I determined we are terrible at pool.  Midnight included a champagne toast and then we hopped back onto the train to head home.

There was great people watching that night.  Countless girls in attire that was not at all weather appropriate and shoes that I doubt they could successfully walk in sober.  The trains were fairly amusing as well.  In one car there was a group of bros who decided to try crowd surfing.  In our car there was a guy who made my res. life senses tingle.  He was hiccuping, I think that is the first time I saw some so drunk they were hiccuping.  There was also a 30 something lady who had clearly had too much to drink who decided to was a good idea to make friends with a group of 20 something college students.  Good times.

I hope your New Year’s celebrations were equally fabulous.


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