Weekly Update: Happy Holidays

I hope you’ve all been having a holiday season!

As per my new routine I’ve been work loads.  Saturday morning I got up bright and early, or I should say dark and early since I was up before the sun.  After stumbling about the house getting ready for work and bundling up to brave the frigid morning, I hustled as quickly as possible to the car and my mom turned on a dime and returned to the house.  The reason for our silly behavior, a large group of runners came over the bridge and ran up the hill that is our street.  Upon seeing them I promptly pointed and said a stern NO!  Being still dark and cold out I rushed to the car in hopes of hurrying to work.  My mom, still in her sleepwear, returned to the house to hide.  A great way to start a day.

Work on Christmas Eve was busy.  I don’t know who crazy the stores were suppose to be, but things in general were busy but not out of control.  About two or so hours into my shift I got switch from the sales floor to the registers.  There were a few people who were rather stressed out by their last minute shopping and several people that were very much filled with the Christmas spirit from their pointy shoes to their jingling hats.  We got Sunday off, which I was very thankful for.  Work following Christmas was rather busy, what with all the returns and having to reset the store back to normal after the Christmas madness.  I did receive a bit of decent news recently.  They have decided to keep  me on after the holiday season.  Yay, still having a job, now back to the holidays.

Christmas Eve was lovely.  As I mention I was working, but after work and changing clothes it was off to Christmas mass.  We got there a bit late, and by late I mean an hourish early but for the Christmas mass, if you want to sit, that’s late.  Fortunately we got some of the last seats.  Around us were a lively group of people who clearly didn’t attend mass frequently.  The big indicator was that they didn’t know there had been changes made to the translation of the mass. They also had they phones in their pockets and were frequently checking the score of the Patriots game.  Now I understand that sports are very important to people and in living in New England there is a large amount of pride in our teams, but come on, checking scores in Church on Christmas is too much. Inappropriate.

After mass we all piled into the cars and made our way to the South Shore to my aunt’s house for Christmas Eve dinner.  It was a nice evening with family.  We did part one of the gift exchange.  I got a very nice picture frame which I am excited to use.  Hopefully 2012 will be a rather picture filled year.  While we were missing a few people, Christmas Eve would not be complete without a this adventure.  Post dinner, we came home and finished the wrapping and such. I think I was in bed earlier than any of the last five+ years.

Christmas morning we were up around 9 if I remember correctly.  First we checked out stockings and then opened our presents from Santa.  Then we went through the presents from each other and for the first time my grandparents brought us their presents (usually we wait until after dinner to open their presents).  Christmas breakfast has become a bit of a todo with monkey’s bread and waffles and eggs and bacon and such.  Post breakfast there was a visit from an aunt and uncle, it’s always fabulous to see them.  Then we had time to relax before getting ready for Christmas dinner with the grandparents up the street.    Dinner was yummy and spending time with family is grand.  The rest of Christmas included presents and board games, we’ve got some new ones, and general liveliness.  Oh, Oh, Oh, most importantly, I can’t believe I almost forgot was the dancing!  My cousin got Just Dance 3 and brought it to the house.  Nearly everyone had a turn getting their grove on and I’ve got the video to prove it 🙂

Overall it was a great Christmas.  I hope your holidays have been just as pleasant.


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