London Calling

Or more aptly, London is emailing.  I’ve got my 2012-2013 acceptance letter in my inbox today!  AHHHHHH so excited cue Carlton dance now!

So you’re probably thinking, sure that’s nice but you already knew you were accepted so why exactly is this news worthy.  Well I’m about to tell you so hold your horses.  This is exciting because it means that I now have paperwork to fill out and information about deposits and such.  Once the paperwork is mailed and the deposit is sent in, they will express mail me my official papery things so I can get started on my visa application!  I shall add that this is more than what I got last year when I was first accepted so this is so very exciting.

Now I have 8 months to brush up on my International Relations theory and world events and brush up on all things English and, and, and, gah SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

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