First World Problems: Too Many Books

Me+5AM=Boo (=_=)   Me+Mountains of Books=Weeeeeeee 😀

I have a problem and that is I own too many books and have run out of space to put them. When I got home from school, over the summer, I brought up another bookshelf from my basement and promptly filled it to the top.  I’ve gotten more books for my birthday and I got gift cards for books for Christmas so I just bought myself more books and I have no where to put them.  How fortunate am I to have the problem of too many books.  It is no surprise to anyone who has met me that I love reading, and that I really really really want to have a huge library in my future house, like straight out of Beauty and the Beast huge.  Some day in the future I would also love to own a bookstore.  Books are the greatest things since before sliced bread (also, while sliced bread is convenient is it really an appropriate benchmark for greatness?).  It makes me really sad that there are people who cannot read as well as people who don’t have access to books.  I’ve already mentioned how thankful I am for my local library and I think that I will have to have a thoughts from places from there soon, also expect several book related posts to come.

New Year’s Resolution #2 is to read more.  Not that I don’t read a lot, but I feel like since starting college my pleasure reading time has been kind of limited to summers and holidays. Now that I’m not in school I was reading a whole lot over the summer and into the fall.  I think I was at the library once or twice a week getting new books and things.  Since starting work and have loads of hours (I will work 50 hours this week) there has been less time for reading and that makes me sad.  Wanting to be happy, I hereby resolve to read more.

What do you think?

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