Which means Don’t Forget to be Awesome, for those of you not in the know.  Last night was so chalkfull of awesome that I’m positively gushing to tell you about it.

So, yesterday was the release of John Green’s newest book The Fault in Our Stars.  The Fault in Our Stars is a young adult novel about a girl called Hazel who has terminal cancer and her adventures with a boy called Augustus Waters.  I haven’t read it yet so I can’t really give it any kind of review or any more of a summary.  I can recount that John has said that it examines our tradition views on heroism, which alone makes me excited to read it.

Like I said, yesterday was the release of the book, which made yesterday awesome.  What made yesterday even more awesome was the fact that it was also the start of John and Hank’s cross-country (and into Canada) tour, Tour de Nerdfighting/The Fault in Our Stars tour.  As if it could get better, their first stop was in Boston (Wellesley) and I was there with Michelle Dawson, her friend, as well as Shawn and Gus and it was made of awesome!  I woke up this morning and was like did yesterday really happen and then I checked all the things and confirmed that indeed it was real.

I should probably fill you in on all the awesome now.  I’ll start by mentioning that all of nerdfighteria (the community of people who follow John and Hank, the vlogbrothers, on youtube, who are made of awesome, and who are united by a common belief that understanding the world and other people is important) has been waiting for this book to be released for quite sometime and they have over 630,300 subscribers on youtube so that’s a lot of people.  They started their tour in Boston for several reasons.  One the most important reasons is that Boston is where they first met Esther Earl.  Esther was a 16-year old nerdfighter who lost her battle with thyroid cancer on August 25, 2010, but her spirit lives on in nerdfighteria and the This Star Won’t Go Out Foundation which works to aid families financially who are working through having a child with cancer.  The Fault in Our Stars is dedicated to Esther and John has said that while Hazel is not based on Esther, writing this book would not have been possible without her.

Right, so, John, Hank, and Hank’s wife (as known as The Katherine) flew out to Mass to kick off the TFiOS tour in their snazzy blue van and I was there.  We got in line about a half hourish early.  It wasn’t horribly cold out but I don’t think any of us really had appropriate waiting outside in line shoes.  As the line moved we got to take pictures in front of the van looks pretty awesome up close.  When we got inside the building we got our books which were signed and hanklerfished (an anglerfish drawn by Hank) on the title page and our wrist bands, which were our randomly assigned positions for the signing line.  After getting our books we followed the crowd to the merch table where one could purchase all of John’s books and Hank’s CDs as well as Pizza John shirts.  I got the special tour CD and Hank’s CD “So Jokes”.

Purchases in hand we went in and found our seats and anxiously awaited the start of the show, which was live streamed on youtube.  The show started with Hank Sock going over a few important details and then John read some more from The Fault in Our Stars, he has already read chapter 1 and chapter 2.  Then Hank played some songs while John changed out of his suit.  John had a brief question and answer period about The Fault in Our Stars and if he didn’t end on time he would get a punishment, but as we are nerdfighters and nice, we had a count down for him so he didn’t actually run over and thus was saved from being shocked.  John was really mean and he announced that his wife, The Yeti (really called Sarah but is so rarely ever seen that she has been so nicknamed) was at the show and wanted to say hi and then we got “hank roll’d“.  There were lots of songs, and John and Hank did a Q and A session where the last person talking when the buzzer went off got shocked (Hank lost).  The show ended with “500 miles” and a confetti cannon. Oh and a happy dance.  So good!

After the show came the signing portion of the evening.  Lucky me, I had number 907, at least we started with number 500.  Waiting forever was kind of uncool, I got less excited as the hours dragged on, that is perhaps because I had to be up 5AM so I could be at work at 6 and thus had been awake for 19+ hours before I got to see them.  However it feels like it was worth it, probably because I didn’t have to work today.  I was pretty excited to actually see them IRL.  John and Hank are totally awesome.  I had my CDs signed by Hank and I got Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars personalized.  Plus, Hank said he liked my shirt, so that’s cool.  The show was totally awesome and I still can’t believe it was real.  I have video and pictures on my tumblr so check them out.  It’s probably easiest to find them if you click on the “archive” button on the top of the page.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!  Also, please check out all the links, they are made of awesome.  DFTBA.


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