Weekly Update: January 23-February 2, 2012

Nothing super noteworthy has occurred in my life, but I will make note of it anyhow.  I’ve worked the past 10 days straight, so yeah, making money.  I continue to impress my employers by adequately preforming my job.  I don’t think it’s all that difficult to do the tasks I am assigned and the fact that I can successfully accomplish these tasks should not be impressive.  And yet, here I am impressing everyone.  From what they tell me, there are four different departments that want me to work with them.  This is especially exciting because in February and March, hours in the department I am currently assigned are usually very low but in being versatile I can get more hours.  This makes my bank account very happy as I recently paid 2000£ as a deposit for school and will need to, you know, eat and stuff next year.

So yeah, I paid my deposit for school.  One step closer to making over the Atlantic this time.  I need to send in my paperwork still.  It’s been (mostly) filled out and sitting on my counter for a while.  I need to get a passport sized photo of myself to include for my student my id.  It will also be beneficial to have the pictures on hand for my visa application.  After I send in my paperwork the University will be able to send me the important things I need for my visa application.  Hopefully I can get the picture taken a week from now (my next day off). As time goes by I get even more excited to go to London.

What else has happened in my life…I’ve met up with two friends.  First, I had a lovely evening with Michelle LaFonda Dawson.  We had dinner and watched movies while eating junk.  A lovely evening in.  Well, for me at least.  LaFonda wasn’t so fond of our first movie.  Black Swan is a wonderful movie, however there are a few scenes that are not for the squeamish and I recommend watching it during the day and that you have a light-hearted activity planned for afterwards.  We ate ice cream and watched Tangled as our light-hearted activity.

The second friend I hadn’t seen since Thanksgiving so it was really nice to see her and catch up.  Our adventure was less eventful than watching Black Swan at night.  We got breakfast and chatted for hours until I had to go to work.  We concluded by agreeing that we shouldn’t go another two months before we hang out again.

Another thing that happened was I rocked the housewife thing again.  Two days last week I watch an occasionally darling two year old.  We had fun times playing Play-Dough and kitchen and reading stories and such.  Now that she is talking/has learned more words it’s good because when she’s tired and frustrated and I can’t understand what she wants or needs I can ask her to use her words and she does and everything is easier.  Nap time can still be rough, though I suppose everyone is a bit difficult when it’s nap time.

And that was my week (and a half).

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