What was I thinking

So, I tried to go see Brunhilda and help her paint her new apartment but that was a silly idea.  She recently moved into the heart of the city which is super convenient for using public transportation and going to see and experience all the city had to offer.  Not so good for trying to park on a Saturday night.  And by not so good I mean impossible.

I should mention that I had forgotten that I was a Saturday night.  Had I remembered I probably wouldn’t have made the trip.  My sense of the days of the weeks has pretty much disappeared;  I know when I’m working and when I’m not working and that’s about it.  Traffic getting into the city wasn’t bad.  I suppose that’s what happens at 9PM.  Even navigating off the highway to her neighborhood wasn’t bad.  I only took one wrong turn cause I reversed the directions in my head, but the lovely Coast Guard guards kindly helped me regain my bearings.

I got to her one way super narrow street easily, however since she is in a rather popular part of the city is was crazy trying to get through the streets around the masses of tourists and Saturday night party-goers.  I was driving for an hour and a half and I got around the block twice.

I was surprised by my fellow drivers.  There were no silly attempts at making left turns, or cutting people off, no narrowly avoided accidents, or any of that crazy stuff we’re prone to.  It was the pedestrians who were ridiculous.  First, I think I need to clarify, green means go for CARS, not pedestrians.  Pedestrians get the white neon man which means go.  When my light changes I’m going to go, especially if there are a lot of cars and I want to cross straight across four lanes of traffic.  So many people just stepped into the crosswalk because the cars perpendicular from me had a red light.  I really wanted to run them all over.  Possibly a side affect of being in a car for over an hour after working for 8 hours around 10PM.

When it comes to hitting pedestrians how many points for hitting someone who can’t walk in their shoes?  How many for someone who isn’t dressed for the weather.  I try not to judge a book by its cover but some people make it really hard.  I understand that you want to look cute when you go partying, but if you can’t walk in your shoes at the beginning of the night, what makes you think things will go better when you’re drunk?  Also, I know the weather doesn’t always feel like it, but it is winter.  You should not be wearing shorts, or a skirt that barely covers your important bits.  If you have to pulldown your skirt every few steps it’s too short.

OK, I think this rant is over.

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