Long Time No Post

I wish I had some awesome, exciting, impressive reason for being totally MIA for what, six months.  I wish I was off on safari or saving a bus full of children from being attacked by a bear while trying to escape a fire at their orphanage or at least some place without an internet connection.  Any of those options would make a great story and be much more interesting than what I’ve actually been up to.  I mean I could have made up an exciting story with tigers and carnivorous islands and crossing the ocean, but I haven’t crossed the ocean just yet.

My slightly less than epic adventures from the past few months:

I worked a bunch.  Yay money and being able to eat when I make it to London.

I babysat for two amazingly adorable children, who I am going to miss terribly.

I started playing rugby again, and then I separated my a/c joint (shoulder) and was in a sling camped out in our recliner chair for a while.  PT was fun but far too early.  I’ve grown to really enjoy getting a full night’s sleep this year.

We went to Maine on vacation (pictures to come).

I went to Lake Placid/Saranac for rugby fun times, I couldn’t play but it was a fun trip (possible pictures to come).

A couple weeks ago, Michelle Dawson and I went to see Harry and the Potters and the Potter Puppet Pals and we registered people to vote and talked about the Harry Potter Alliance (check it out).

I’m certain I’ve done other noteworthy things in the past few months but I can’t really think of them at the moment.  I must run off now and celebrate a birthday with Shawn and Gus.  More posts to come soon.


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