Thoughts from Places: Göteborg and Kobenhaven

***I started this in October right when I got back from my trip but then schoolwork had to take priority and then before I knew it, it was Christmas break, which meant spending time with family and friends, and then second semester hit the ground running and now I’ve found a small window to catch […]

Top 5: Highs/Lows

I’ve been in a bit of a funk this week.  I think it’s the mid-semester slump.  One more week until break!  I don’t know if I’ve necessarily been stressed, I’ve had an assignment due every week for the past couple weeks and I have one due this week and a couple due after break; and […]

Weeks 2-4

Hello, hello! While this past week was a bit boring, I’ve been having lots of London Adventures.  As I mentioned last time I took an epic walking tour of London.  Now, a smart person about to embark on a 6 hour walking tour of London would start right at the beginning and wear shoes that […]