First World Problems: my room

Earlier today I had something I wanted to talk about however that thought got misfiled in my brains.

I am left to mention that I am currently debating between having my lights on and having heat.  Since my brother is at school the decision has been made to not turn the heat on on the third floor of our house.  Not that having the heat on in my room really makes much of a difference.  Anyways, the space heater that is in my room causes my lights to pulsate, no matter which outlet it’s plugged into or what type of adaptor or surge protector it’s plugged into.  The pulsating lights give me a headache, make me feel dizzy and queazy etc.  Not good.  So I am left to choose between heat and light.  I’ve been lucky that recently the choice hasn’t been tough.  The weather has been so warm that I haven’t needed the heater.  WIth things turning colder and the sun setting so early I have a bit of conundrum.

I also feel like mentioning that we discovered that the strange box thing that is covering some mysterious pipes in my room has sprung a leak.  Not a waterfall type thing, but an occasional drip.  It’s mostly just soggy wood so it’s no big deal, but naturally it’s just over my electronics corner.  So now my CDs and the player as well as my TV and dvd player are relocated to my bean bag chair.   Another thing to add to the list of things that need fixing in my room.

I had the day off today and therefore spent most of the day in my room.  Hence the observations about my room.

What do you think?

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